STAA caught by Eagle Eye

Perfect example how an algo can capture alpha before it makes a  push up. Your eye should watch the Quality column for >365 alerts.

Scan Trading Ten Basic Rules To Prosper

Day Trading requires finding high percentage ideas that will give you an edge. Not only are you trading against other traders but you are also trading against algorithmic machines which are programmed to trade against your position. For the new as well as seasoned trader you must design and program a scanner which will give you the best trading opportunities throughout the day. Here are some rules to help you trade properly when using our platform.

1. Chasing blindly when you see volume expanding is a newbie mistake and why so many lose. DO NOT DO THIS.

2. Make notes when you see volume expanding and determine where the buy points on
the chart exist to enter as well as exit a trade. Wait patiently and be very selective. ONLY enter the best charts.

3. You must program your scanner to find ideas in your niche. For most this is issues under 10 because most of the percent leader board is denominated by these issues.

4. Your scanner must be sensitive enough to pick up volume that is just starting. What good is it if the issue has already moved. You do not want to break rule #1.

5. Frankly it takes many hours of trail and error to build a good scan platform. Our platform was designed and tested for many months to find the best ideas throughout the day. All of the scan are custom built and designed.

6. Your scan platform must have verbal commands that alert you when a key issues are moving. You can not watch our 20+ scans and see everything without programming sound alerts. One can make  alerts by simply attaching your own sound file to the alert window. For multi strategy windows simply run a single alert window in the background so you can identify which alert is being triggered.

7. Your platform must identify range break ideas before they trigger as well as unusual volume patterns. Your scans must alert you to the issues that are moving or in play quickly.

8. Your scans must be designed so you can pick up the ideas by eye too. You must color code the scans properly so important alerts are picked up by different colors. This is so important and most forget this part of the equation.

9. Your scans must be positioned on your platform in the right position. Your main screen is where the eye or visual alerts come in to play. Others screens can detect important sound alerts.

10. Do not make your scans to confusing. Your ability to pick up ideas is all about the right platform.

The best trading ideas are the ones you find yourself.  Email us with any questions on our platform.

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***If an issue is moving under 10 this scan is the money.

Eagle Eye Algo catches huge winner VKTX idea today

Very good example of how this algo spots ideas and then gives a point of resistance to look for a possible exit. First call out 2.38 on block of 7.5k shares. We broke 2.44 resistance level and the algo gave 2.89 as the next level. Issue topped out at 2.88.

New Monthly Subs To TradeIdeas Receive Our InPlay Scan

This scan will get you hooked on the power and versatility of Trade Ideas. Try it for one month and take your trading to the next level. We tweeted  ETRM late today at 2.14 as it started to curl off this scan. Issue moved up quickly to close near 2.30. Simply sign up from our blog and sent us an email. We will send you the code to upload this amazing scan.

Eagle Eye Algo Results 10/04/2017

Today was was an epic day for the Eagle Algo. Catching multiple one dollar movers and much more. This version shows the 5 minute highs and key block trades (High of day alerts omitted).  Highlight was the KNDI breakout at 11:05 am which the scan caught right before the big move up.  Users of this scan key in on the first 15 minutes of algo calls. Today I and NLNK  exploded out the gate and never looked back. The machine caught the action live before the huge runs. All annual members receive this amazing tool.

TradeOnTheWire Gap Curl Scan Complimentary

Scan was developed to focus in on issues gaping up 3% under 100. Follow the issues throughout the day for key trading spots. One must key in on the gap up column and compare position to the current % gain  to understand the power of this scan. Scan catches key pivot and chart points. The alert window signals block trades, new highs, and many more key signals. This is just one of the proprietary scans we have developed to enhance your trading experience throughout the day. The charts example shown below shows the JUNO gap and follow through at the open with a key block going through. If you are interested in our full platform please email us at We trade with this scan but tweek it a bit to enhance the alerts.

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Tip: Flip the code and watch the gap down charts throughout the day.

Watch issues moving up close to the opening gap. Great way to catch opening gap breakouts.

Put a cap on % up to reduce alerts by adjusting window specific filter to max 20% gain or less.


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Social media has created delusions of grandeur that you can learn to trade and make money overnight.

Trading is one the hardest professions that churns and burns almost all new comers. Our best advice is to first set up a quality TRADE-IDEAS platform that gives you the best chance to find quality ideas. Then learn how to use the tools to navigate and manage your trading account. Chasing social media or chat room volume spikes is a sure why to go broke quickly. Traders that make money consistently know how to spot break points or pivot points. Our platform identifies ideas before the crowd and social media.