Sunday, February 22, 2015

StockTalk Letter

Hi Bman,

I couldn’t respond to your questionnaire quickly enough, and I spent considerable time writing this, so wanted to make sure you got it:
StockTalk began about a year ago when a handful of like-minded traders began exchanging stock ideas on the Chatzy platform. They had great mutual respect for each other's talent and a shared interest in taking advantage of the day trade and swing trade opportunities in the small cap space. Each of these early moderators also shared a generosity and willingness to pass along their experience to help new traders, so rules were adopted to allow new traders to join in provided they adhere to strict rules of conduct. The chat stream is kept clean because members who have learned the rules know what is acceptable and valuable to the group, and refrain from chatting or posting nonsense or non-stock ideas.

As the group expanded, traders who consistently posted stock ideas which were timely, thoughtful, and valued-added, and who demonstrated extraordinary talent for trading, and an unselfish attitude, were invited to become moderators. This talent pool has grown from the original group of five to over 16 moderators, each adding value to the stream with their individual trading styles.

Now with over 300 daily members, the Chatzy stream is chocked full of timely alerts and chart ideas throughout the trading day, and excellent research, education, and commentary during the off hours. Thanks to the generosity of Bman the founder, the Chatzy room will always be free of charge although most traders I know agree, Bman's StockTalk is far superior to any of the paid chat rooms out there.

I have been privileged to have been a member of the group since the early days, but before that, I traded in a paid room for a year, so I consider myself uniquely qualified to comment on the difference between the paid room and Bman's StockTalk.

In the paid room, many members seemed to feel some kind of sense of entitlement. They feel entitled to post bs, or they feel entitled to getting spoon-fed perfect, risk-free trade ideas from the moderators, or they feel entitled to complain about a mod's call, or another member's post. The attitude of these members was a constant distraction to others in the room causing clutter in the stream. This also served to make the room owner's job more stressful as he is constantly forced to juggle policing the room with his own trading while feeling obligated to his subscribers to scan and churn out fresh stock ideas all day long.

In Bman's StockTalk, that dynamic of entitlement is missing. Everyone's participation in the group is provisional. Members feel nothing but a sense of gratitude for having discovered such a great resource and are more than willing to follow the rules, to watch and learn, and to know when and how to contribute.

It's an environment where quality ideas rise to the top through the synergies of these talented, like-minded professional traders. Many members never post anything and are happy to stay on the sidelines just benefitting from seeing the best small cap traders in the business exchanging chart ideas, alerting the group of news, and sharing actionable trades in real time.


E. Gordon Bishop

Saturday, January 31, 2015

StockTalk traders speak out !!!

All the reviews can be read here

My favorite reviews:

Room has a unique dynamism and sense of community I have not seen in any other trading room.

best chat room out there bar none. Learn to scan, size, share, and win. As close to a magic formula as you can find.

if I didn't have this room to learn from I probably wouldn't even be trading anymore.

I'm 34 years in the business and might be too old to learn from you but after a week in your chat room my hope is renewed.

Great chat room with incredible insight and ideas. Many helpful traders.

Best room on the net. Honest people, great idea flow, helpful for beginner and pro's. Like the mentality and spirit of it.

best trading room out there, 300+ people exchanging ideas

Sunday, January 25, 2015

StockTalk***Stock picking Sunday contest***

Post your best chart idea for the coming week. Long, Short, Penny, or Large Cap just give us your idea. Winner will be announced each week on twitter. Get your entry in by 9 pm est Sunday night with a chart link. Stock must be over .50 and no bb issues.

Chat Entrance

Friday, January 23, 2015

StockTalkChat traders speak out !!!!!

StockTalk chat room logged over 350 traders today. Room currently has 10 seasoned moderators.

After hour chatter from the log:

Gary: I tell ya. I have learned more in this chat room and following many of the traders in here. This room is priceless. All the tools you could ever need, just learn how to use them and put em to work 19:31
dave: yea, me too....I got my start at a prop desk. But, in the end, most of the learning comes down to you..and how you see the markets and the charts...coming up with your own rules while trying to incorporate new knowledge. that said, love Bman room...different perspectives and techniques to learn and incorporate 19:36
Gary: I like the fact that what I see in here is trustworthy. Most of the time I cant tell who's pumping and who's not on stock twits or other places. I don't blindly follow but I'm alot more comfortable in here. 19:43

Chat entrance:

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Free Blogs for Stocks Under 10

The twitter stock phenomena continues to crank out more pay sites each day as new traders search for ideas and strategies to make money. However, there are still a few free blogs where small cap traders can review charts on a daily basis by three good technical traders.

Roberto Pedone

Stocks Under Ten

AC Investor Blog

VEX Trades  

Leopold Trading

Your path to profitability and idea generation can be enhanced by following experienced traders who put hours of dd in trying to find profitable charts. But in the end, the profitable traders tend to find their own ideas and ignore what the herd is doing.  Trading is probably one of the hardest professions to make bank consistently. However, by following a few tips your results will improve TIPS .

Friday, November 21, 2014

StockTalk Live Chat

StockTalk had a very busy and productive week. User list hit an all time high and we now have 8 moderators providing insight and idea flow. If you would like to join the entrance link is: .

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Finding ideas through one easy scan.

Trading is all about finding chart patterns with a positive risk/reward profile. To do this you must be able to efficiently scan and identify charts that meet that criteria. I use a simple scan on Finviz which sorts the percentage gainers and lists them in order highest to lowest. I have a visual 100 charts per page that I can review in less than 20 seconds to see which charts present the best ideas for the day. I like to use the 5 day 15 minute chart because support and resistance zones are easily identified. This scan can be applied to stocks under 10 but can be adjusted if you trade higher priced issues.Two ideas which I recently profiled AMRN @1.00 and ANV @1.20 where found using this technique. If you would like to try FINVIZ here is the link Finviz Scanner and charts . If you already are a paying Elite user here is the scan I use to find my ideas 10 and under. Scanner Link Yes this is a pay program but you have to invest money to make money. In my next article i will discuss how to read the 5 day chart and what to look for while trading.

Monday, November 17, 2014

EquityFeed PR Wire and Scanner

Traders wishing to experience the wire I use to find ideas can sign up here for the 14 day trial:


First pic is where I position the Pr Wire above my watch list and high/low scanners on my main monitor.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Trading View

Your seeing two of my six screens that I use to spot ideas in real time. Join StockTalk and receive my go to scanner for identifying small caps ideas.