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Social media has created delusions of grandeur that you can learn to trade and make money overnight.

Trading is one the hardest professions that churns and burns almost all new comers. Our best advice is to first set up a quality TRADE-IDEAS platform that gives you the best chance to find quality ideas. Then learn how to use the tools to navigate and manage your trading account. Chasing social media or chat room volume spikes is a sure why to go broke quickly. Traders that make money consistently know how to spot break points or pivot points. Our range break scanners identify ideas before the crowd and social media.

Why 90-95% of traders lose !!!!!!

    They risk too much to try to make so little.

    They trade with the probabilities against them.

    They think trading is easy money.

    They think joining a chat room will make them money.

    Instead of focusing on learning how to trade they focus on getting rich.

    They blow up due to improper position sizing.

    With no understanding of the mathematical risk of ruin they are doomed after the first long
    string  of losing trades.

    They don’t do their homework.

    They trade opinions not robust systems.

    They go looking for ‘trades’ instead of a methodology.
    They have no trading plan.

    They attempt to piggy back on the trades another trader but don’t understand the risks.

    Most new traders quit when they realized how much work is involved in trading successfully.

    New traders quit if they do not have a passion for trading itself.

    Many new traders will give up the moment they realize that trading does
    not have guaranteed income, you are an entrepreneur.

    They are not willing to pay the tuition to learn to trade in time, study, and losing trades.

    They are crushed by the learning curve that they do not work hard enough to get through.

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