2018 New Platform Picture-Trading Ideas

Custom Trade Ideas Platform Totally Revamped for New Year
New Scans and Layout with all the Bells and Whistles
All new custom alert column. Shown in main level two picture.
Identifies best ideas ahead of the crowd.

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Day Trading requires these must have tools. Guide for new traders.


 Think Or Swim, Etrade, Schwab, Fidelity all good for new traders. All are flat rate per
 ticket versus direct access which charge per share + ecn fee. You can negotiate                                 commission charges based on your order flow at the big four mentioned above.

TOS platform is our favorite since it is free and gives new traders a host of great tools.


Trade Ideas only one we use after trying all the rest. Free chat and lots of support and hand holding. If your goal is to trade on your own and find your own ideas this is the way to go.


Benzinga, TheTradeExchange, Equity Feed, Newsware all provide good value at a reasonable price.

Medvid Platform, StockCharts.com, Finviz

Chat Room: 

With the market at all time highs there are so many pay chat rooms. If your on a tight budget Trade Ideas has a free one that offers good value. Click the banner on our blog to gain access.

Getting started rules: 

Learn how to identify charts that offer good risk reward without chasing.                                        Simple rule do not buy to far from the 13 ema on the key chart intervals.
Stay away from low float issues along with pre and post market action.
Try to build your account up slowly without taking to much risk.
Stay away from crowded trades on social media and try to find your own ideas.

EAGLE EYE BLOCK TRADE ALGO catches LNCE SSC SUPN all winners 12/15/17

There are many ways to configure the Eagle Eye Algo. In this example we only want to see the block trades over 10,000 shares where the issues are programmed to alert in a more refined manner. The program is very flexible so a trader can refine the set parameters to their trading style. Any trader who wants this scan can email us for details. These are real alerts of big money coming into key chart points.

Eagle Eye Results 12/08/17 FANH block alerts at 9:53am

If you are interested in this proprietary scan along with our full custom built platform click the green tab directly above and sign up for the Trade Ideas annual standard plan. We will send you our full platform code consisting of over 20 custom built scans (see above 2018 Platform Pic) that consistently find trading ideas.

 If you have any questions email us: TradeOnTheWire@gmail.com

If you already have Trade Ideas we have an option for you too. Send request for info.

This scan finds alpha. Watching Eagle gives you a pulse of issues in play at key chart spots. Powerful tool to learn from and watch each day. Tip: Track past Eagle ideas in a top list scan. Recommend keying in on the block trades over 20k.

FANH check block alerts in the scan at 9:53am. Example of how this scan finds alpha at right chart spots.

How to use the Eagle Eye scan and results 11/24/17

Here is a typical day for the Eagle Eye scan. Key block trades and technical alerts based on our proprietary algorithm. Scan shown was configured for blocks over 10k and issues making five minute highs. User can add additional detail by adding alerts in the configuration tab (select alerts). We recommend new highs and high relative volume. Scan was developed to catch high probability breakouts. If you are interested in this scan click the green tab directly above and sign up. 

When using the scan the best ideas are generated early in the day. Stay away from wide spreads (thin issues) and parabolic charts. Always check the current day pr wires . Block trades should be looked at closely. Issues in pink are lower risk ideas up less than .50 cents. Low volume issues are more risky and generally should be avoided. Always check chart position, moving averages, trend lines, and earnings dates.

GCAP YEXT ATNX gave huge trades off the scan on this particular day.

Scan Trading Ten Basic Rules To Prosper

Day Trading requires finding high percentage ideas that will give you an edge. Not only are you trading against other traders but you are also trading against algorithmic machines which are programmed to trade against your position. For the new as well as seasoned trader you must design and program a scanner which will give you the best trading opportunities throughout the day. Here are some rules to help you trade properly when using our platform.

1. Chasing blindly when you see volume expanding is a newbie mistake and why so many lose. DO NOT DO THIS.

2. Make notes when you see volume expanding and determine where the buy points on
the chart exist to enter as well as exit a trade. Wait patiently and be very selective. ONLY enter the best charts.

3. You must program your scanner to find ideas in your niche. For most this is issues under 10 because most of the percent leader board is denominated by these issues.

4. Your scanner must be sensitive enough to pick up volume that is just starting. What good is it if the issue has already moved. You do not want to break rule #1.

5. Frankly it takes many hours of trail and error to build a good scan platform. Our platform was designed and tested for many months to find the best ideas throughout the day. All of the scan are custom built and designed.

6. Your scan platform must have verbal commands that alert you when a key issues are moving. You can not watch our 20+ scans and see everything without programming sound alerts. One can make  alerts by simply attaching your own sound file to the alert window. For multi strategy windows simply run a single alert window in the background so you can identify which alert is being triggered.

7. Your platform must identify range break ideas before they trigger as well as unusual volume patterns. Your scans must alert you to the issues that are moving or in play quickly.

8. Your scans must be designed so you can pick up the ideas by eye too. You must color code the scans properly so important alerts are picked up by different colors. This is so important and most forget this part of the equation.

9. Your scans must be positioned on your platform in the right position. Your main screen is where the eye or visual alerts come in to play. Others screens can detect important sound alerts.

10. Do not make your scans to confusing. Your ability to pick up ideas is all about the right platform.

The best trading ideas are the ones you find yourself.  Email us with any questions on our platform.


Annual subs receive our full trading platform code complimentary TRADE IDEAS PLATFORM

New Monthly Subs To TradeIdeas Receive Our InPlay Scan

***If an issue is moving under 10 this scan picks up even the slightest movement.


*Annual standard members receive our full custom built package    Email TradeOnTheWire@gmail.com with any questions. Traders who are grandfathered into TradeIdeas or are already signed up email us for pricing.

Booking consistently requires a custom built platform to identify ideas first. Full custom members get all the tools with pics and scan code ready to go out of the box. Trade with our full platform and take your trading to a new level. Built by Traders and developed in house. Our Eagle Eye scan was built to trade large caps with entry and resistance levels. If you would prefer a screen share appointment to discuss the platform please request one at TradeOnTheWire@gmail.com.


Questions:  TradeOnTheWire@gmail.com

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Social media has created delusions of grandeur that you can learn to trade and make money overnight.

Trading is one the hardest professions that churns and burns almost all new comers. Our best advice is to first set up a quality TRADE-IDEAS platform that gives you the best chance to find quality ideas. Then learn how to use the tools to navigate and manage your trading account. Chasing social media or chat room volume spikes is a sure why to go broke quickly. Traders that make money consistently know how to spot break points or pivot points. Our platform identifies ideas before the crowd and social media.

Why 90-95% of traders lose !!!!!!

    They risk too much to try to make so little.

    They trade with the probabilities against them.

    They think trading is easy money.

    They think joining a chat room will make them money.

    Instead of focusing on learning how to trade they focus on getting rich.

    They blow up due to improper position sizing.

    With no understanding of the mathematical risk of ruin they are doomed after the first long
    string  of losing trades.

    They don’t do their homework.

    They trade opinions not robust systems.

    They go looking for ‘trades’ instead of a methodology.
    They have no trading plan.

    They attempt to piggy back on the trades another trader but don’t understand the risks.

    Most new traders quit when they realized how much work is involved in trading successfully.

    New traders quit if they do not have a passion for trading itself.

    Many new traders will give up the moment they realize that trading does
    not have guaranteed income, you are an entrepreneur.

    They are not willing to pay the tuition to learn to trade in time, study, and losing trades.

    They are crushed by the learning curve that they do not work hard enough to get through.

    They don't use our  TradeIdeas scanner platform click to join >>. TradeIdeas Scanner Program